Our Developer Portal contains documentation about the SingularityNET Platform and Marketplace.

As a service developer, you can learn how to build and access AI services that are published onto the network. As a client of SingularityNET services, you learn to integrate your software with SingularityNET services that other people have published.

The beta Marketplace is available online at beta.singularitynet.io, and allows you to browse a curated set of services available in the registry.

If you’re new to SingularityNET, it is recommended that you follow this order to explore the developer portal. For everyone else, it’s hopefully a good index to find the information you need.

First Steps

if you want to be a consumer of SingularityNET services, the follow first three relevant links. if you prefer publishing, testing and understanding the customer requirements, then it is worth the efforts and value.

To create a service, and upload that service on our marketplace, follow these instructions:

The marketplace is a curated view of services available in the registry.

Tutorials across languages

We Support popular language-specific tutorials


  • Workshops - For workshop resources, click on this workshop link.

Last modified on : 08-Nov-23

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