Publisher portal


Introduction to the Publisher Portal

Goal is to assist the developers to easily publish and manage their organizations and services using the publisher portal. You can list your services on to the marketplace Dapp easily making it very simple for your users to search and use your service.

The Key features are

On boarding an Organization

A simple interface to enter all relevant data to publish to your Organization through simple forms. This abstracts all the complexity involved while using command line interface.

After furnishing the basic on-boarding details, a review alert mechanism is triggered for the SingularityNet Team, to ensure compliance with legal requirements before on-boarding any organization on to market place (Dapp)

Invite Workflow - Adding members to an Organization

The platform provides the following:

  1. A simple workflow to add new members,
  2. The owner just needs to add the email address of the member
  3. The system sends invitation to the member based on accept invitation and also ensures all the required details like (Wallet address) of the member are furnished when the invitation is accepted.

Publishing an Organization on Block Chain

After completing the details of an Organization, a review is automatically triggered. After the SingularityNet team approves the furnished details, publish the organization through the portal.

Service listing Screen

Shows a list of all services managed under respective organization , Only members belonging to that Organization can view / add / modify / delete services.

Service metadata Screen

To abstract the complexity while working on command line interface, you can use the forms interface to type all the relevant data (metadata) to publish your services.

Publishing a Service on a block chain

After entering all the details, a review process is triggered for the SingularityNet team, to ensure the details are compliant with legal requirements before on-boarding any service on to market place Dapp.

Claim easily from Publisher portal

Claims can now be made using the publisher portal.

Last modified on : 26-Apr-24

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