Organization Setup


Organization Setup


An organization on the SingularityNet platform is a logical entity that groups together various services and the set of identities that can work on these services. The first step to setting up a service on the platform is to create an organization. All metadata that is common across services is stored at an organization level. The key attributes of an organization are

  • Owner
    • This is an ethereum identity that represents the owner of the organization.
    • The user with this identity has complete control of the organization and services under the organization.
    • The user with this identity has alone can delete the organization from the SingularityNet platform
    • The user with this identity can transfer ownership to another user
  • Members
    • These are a set of ethereum identities that can create and manage services
    • This enables the organization owner to include additional team members to collaborate on the different services
    • Users with this identity have complete control over all services but not on the organization
  • Groups
    • Groups provide a mechanism of having multiple instances of a service in a geographically distributed manner
    • All service metadata can be managed at a group level
    • A group very roughly maps to a region in AWS but unlike in AWS is not a pre-determined list. Service owners can define the number of groups that they want
  • Payment Storage
    • We use etcd for our payment storage which is defined at a group level
    • Refer to etcd-setup on how to set up an etcd cluster
  • Payment Address
    • This is an ethereum identity to which all payments will be processed.
    • This is defined at a group level
    • The user that has this identity alone can withdraw funds from this wallet
    • NOTE: This address does not need to be a member of the organization
  • Assets
    • Images for the Organization.
    • These images will be displayed on the SingularityNet Marketplace DApp
  • Contacts
    • Different contact details of the organization

Creating ethereum identity

This section has details on creating an ethereum identity.

Publishing an organization using snet-cli

This section gives a step by step guide on publishing an organization using the snet-cli

Last modified on : 10-Jul-24

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