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Publishing Organization on Blockchain using snet-cli

Setting Metadata

Create an Identity in snet-cli for Mainnet, if you already have an account with ether , then you can use it , as an example

snet identity create test-user key --private-key <PVT-KEY> --network mainnet

Add the organization name, id and the type of organization

test-org-name is the organization name and test-org-id is the organization id.

snet organization metadata-init test-org-name test-org-id individual

The following code snippet is included in the metadata file:

    "org_name": "test-org-name",
    "org_id": "test-org-id",
    "org_type": "individual",

Add in description about your organization

snet organization metadata-add-description [-h] [--description DESCRIPTION]
                                           [--short-description SHORT_DESCRIPTION]
                                           [--url URL]
                                           [--metadata-file METADATA_FILE]


snet organization metadata-add-description --description "Describe your organization details here " --short-description  "This is short description of your organization" --url "https://anyurlofyourorganization"

the below will be added in to the metadata file

    "description": {
        "description": "Describe your organization details here ",
        "short_description": "This is short description of your organization",
        "url": "https://anyurlofyourorganization"

Add in Recipient and group details

Use the same endpoint mentioned in the previous step, to setup the etcd cluster.

groups : Multiple groups can be associated with an organization, one payment type is associated with every group. payment_address : Address of the Service provider who would receive the payment payment_channel_storage_type : Type of storage to manage payments ( For Example ETCD ) endpoints : Storage end points for the clients to connect.

snet organization add-group <group_name> <wallet_address> <etcd-end-point>


snet organization add-group default_groups 0x06A1D29e9FfA2415434A7A571235744F8DA2a514 https://your-etcdendpont:2379

This would append the below to the json

"groups": [
            "group_name": "default_groups",
            "group_id": "gz/+/M9l/qxpfNzPn+T2XmTSPMKyphYyxSsQSPhEJXA=",
            "payment": {
                "payment_address": "0x06A1D29e9FfA2415434A7A571235744F8DA2a514",
                "payment_expiration_threshold": 100,
                "payment_channel_storage_type": "etcd",
                "payment_channel_storage_client": {
                    "connection_timeout": "100s",
                    "request_timeout": "5s",
                    "endpoints": [

snet organization metadata-add-assets [-h] [--metadata-file METADATA_FILE] ASSET_FILE_PATH ASSET_TYPE


snet organization metadata-add-assets image.png  hero_image

Appends the following snippet code to the json script

    "assets": {
        "hero_image": "QmT3WWHEVsdQw5dD9TB4e1Xej2MfcQNrQS8FAHwBepG3HD/image.png"

snet organization metadata-add-contact [-h] [--phone PHONE] [--email EMAIL]
                                       [--metadata-file METADATA_FILE]


 snet organization metadata-add-contact --phone 123456789 --email yourorg@yourorg support

Appends the following snippet code to the json script

    "contacts": [
            "contact_type": "support",
            "email_id": "yourorg@yourorg",
            "phone": "123456789"

Now check the metadata file created

cat organization_metadata.json

Publish the organization

Ensure that you have an account with Ether to perform update/delete/add services for a particular organization.

Note Only the owner is eligible to modify the metadata of an organization.

snet organization create mozi <addressofMember1>,<addressOfMember2>

See the CLI documentation for full details of actions the tool allows.

Last modified on : 24-Jan-24

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