#Common errors returned by the Daemon

Free call limit has been exceeded.

You have exceeded the number of permitted free calls. So, calls can now be done only using the paid mode alone

Rate limiting, too many requests to handle”

The number of request has increased along with the rate limiting, either retry again later or configure your daemon for rate limiting

Unexpected payment type

The supported payment types are free-call / escrow

If the service is not available on Dapp

If you see the service published on Blockchain , but not on Dapp , then it is very likely that the service is under curation

If you see a service on Dapp , but is shown as “Not Available”, then it is very likely that the end point is temporarily down. You can use the contact-support for any questions

Lost the private key to your general wallet

You will not be able to link this wallet to an other organization , you can however continue to use the funds deposited on existing channel or even Top up ( add more funds to your channel)

Last modified on : 24-Jan-24

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