Introduction to SDK

SDK is a tool for AI customers to make calls to services.

The SDK simplifies the process of integrating with SingularityNET services and provides tooling to automatically augment gRPC client stubs with the necessary authorisations.

Note: SDK uses gRPC protocol for communication

We support SDK for the below three languages

All SDKs provided adhere to the same design standard and strategy

Note: According to the design pattern for the SDK modules such as functionality, need to be available in all programming languages, such as Java, Python and NodeJS.

The SDK can include several default funding strategies for payment channels, but allows and supports the developer to implement funding strategies for payment channel of their own, to control over tokens and service payments.

The SDK, in combination with the CLI, simplifies the process of fetching the latest service specification for dependent services, and compiles the proto definitions, so that the services can be invoked with minimal fuss.

Java SDK is ready for usage on Java SE and Android platforms. Source code can be found at GitHub repo and artifacts are published at Jitpack repo. Java tutorial is available on SingularityNET dev portal. Preliminary version of Android related notes and code examples are available at GitHub.

Currently, a fully functional a preliminary version of a Python SDK is available, which forms the basis for the SDK tutorial, but has some design improvements.

Work is in process towards an SDK for Javascript, and intend to support other popular languages and welcome third party contributions for people’s favourite languages.

As these SDKs become stable the SDK tutorial will be periodically updated to to include details supporting each programming language.

Last modified on : 08-Nov-23

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