SingularityNET’s Decentralized AI Marketplace Integration with PayPal

The integration of SingularityNET’s decentralized AI marketplace with PayPal represents a significant step in the direction of wide adoption of the platform. It makes it easier for more AI users to leverage the platform, thus increasing the likelihood that data scientists and developers will feel incentivized to consider SingularityNET a viable alternative pathway to monetize their expertise. This integration represents a large opportunity for SingularityNET and our community.

How to use service by paying through PayPal

  1. Go to the Marketplace portal
  2. Pay for service through your Paypal account
  3. If you dont have a wallet , the application will create a wallet and a channel for you. The application will then deposit the equivalent AGIX tokens in to channel.
  4. Now you can make a call now - The Dapp components hide all the complexity on making these calls.


For more details refer to the page

Last modified on : 26-Apr-24

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