The SingularityNET Marketplace provides an easy way for people to browse available AI services and interact with them via a web interface.


The SingularityNET marketplace is a decentralized application (DApp) and provides a front-end for exploring available AI services and interacting with them through a web-UI. It also handles payment for services (through MetaMask) and service ratings. The DApp

  • reads data from the on-chain Registry and pairs it with off-chain metadata, allowing AI services to be searched, filtered, and discovered;
  • integrates the SingularityNET curation service, displaying from the Registry only those services that have been vetted and whose owners have undergone due diligence and signed legal agreements that protect user privacy and data;
  • allows AI services to display custom UI components for user interactions (gathering inputs for service execution and displaying results);
  • integrates with Multi-Party Escrow, enabling the user to pay for service usage;
  • allows consumers to rate services they have used, this simple consumer rating will eventually be integrated with SingularityNET’s Reputation System (currently under development); and
  • captures usage metrics at a consumer level.

While SingularityNET the platform is open and decentralised, the Marketplace is the SingularityNET Foundation’s curated view of it. This allows the foundation to provide oversight and adhere to legal requirements requirements in different legislative regions.

The Marketplace and SingularityNET is in beta, but still under heavy development. See our current status page for ways to to stay informed of changes, or follow the github repo.

Calling a Service

The Marketplace is a DApp, which means in order to use it you need to install a ethereum browser extension like MetaMask. This extension carries out interactions with the Blockchain on your behalf, allows you to transfer tokens between wallets, and invoke contracts.

In the context of the marketplace it lets you query what services are available, transfer AGI funds into escrow, and setup payment channels that allow you to call any of the listed services.

For a full guide on getting your wallet and browser setup, see our Setup Guide.

Marketplace Requirements

If you are a service author, we mandate a number of requirements for the marketplace before your service will be visible to others.

To get your service listed on the marketplace you must:

  1. Build and publish your service ;-)
  2. Ensure you are using SSL with the snet-daemon. We recommend using certbot and letsencrypt if you don’t already have a SSL certificate for your domain.
  3. Fork the snet-dapp repo, build a react component as the user interface for your service, and submit a pull request. Let us know what networks your service is on, and the organisation and service names used. More details are in the dapp repo
  4. Last is some paperwork that we are still finalising, and we’ll update this list when we have that. If you are itching to get your service listed, reach out to us via one of our community groups.

Note that your service can be published to SingularityNET without being listed on the marketplace, but your service may be less discoverable to potential customers if it is not listed.

Last modified on : 11-May-20

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