Staking timeline


A single window has the following stages

  • Staking/Withdrawal Period
  • Rewards Distribution Period


As the staking pool starts, the Staking/Withdrawal Period begins and users can send tokens to pool in order to stake them. Tokens aren’t locked in the on-chain script, users can withdraw their deposited amount plus earned rewards in any time during Staking/Withdrawal Period.

Tokens must be deposited before the start of the Staking/Withdrawal Period for which user want to receive a reward.

After the Staking/Withdrawal Period is over, then comes Rewards Distribution Period. For past Staking/Wintdrawal Period in current window the staking rewards are accrued to users, proportionally to their share of the overall staked pool in that period.

Example of accruing rewards logic for user:

  • Window 1: User deposits 5 AGIX
    • New deposit = 5 AGIX
    • Rewards = 0 AGIX
  • Window 2: User deposits 10 AGIX
    • Confirmed stake = 5 AGIX
    • New deposit = 10 AGIX
    • Rewards (1) are accrued to user for 5 AGIX stake
  • Window 3: User doesn’t deposit anything
    • Confirmed stake = 15 AGIX
    • Rewards (2) are accrued to user for 15 AGIX stake + rewards(1)
  • Window 4:
    • User’s final (confirmed) stake = 15 AGIX
    • Rewards are accrued to user for 15 AGIX stake + rewards(2)

Examples of user’s behavior: window 3
window 2
window 1

Last modified on : 08-Nov-23

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