Request for AI

Learn how to use the Request for AI portal, and how it works.

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The Request for AI Portal (RFAI) lets users make requests for AI services that they would like to see built and deployed onto the SingularityNET Network. Users can back requests with AGI tokens as a reward for having a service developed. The AGI tokens are transferred to the developer who submits a valid solution for the request. The RFAI portal fosters the community by enabling users to incentivize developers to publish services.

Making a request for an AI service

  • Any request for an AI service should be backed by AGI tokens.
  • Requests should be detailed enough to allow discussion and development and should be in the form of a github pull requests to this repo. You can view the template for the request here
  • Provide an expiry date for the request. Meaning the date post which you can withdraw your funds if no submission has been made
  • A request created will need to be approved by the foundation before it shows up for everybody

Backing an AI Service

  • In order to request for an AI service, you need to back it with AGI tokens
  • You first need to transfer tokens to the RFAI escrow from the Account tab. This is a two step process
    • Approve the number of tokens to deposit
    • Deposit the tokens
  • You are now set to make a request for an AI service or back any approved request

Request Approval

  • The foundation will review all requests and will approve them. In general we look for
    • Clear problem description
    • Relevant problem which if solved will help the community
    • Quantitative evaluation criteria
  • Once approved the request is visible for all on the portal

Solution Submission

  • All submissions are evaluated by the SingularityNet foundation to ensure that the acceptance criteria as specified in the request is met and the problem is solved for.
  • The submission should include the github repo of your code
  • The submission should be signed using the same address used to publish the service. This is an important step to ensure that you are the owner of the service.
  • The submission is evaluated as follows
  • The specified acceptance criteria in the request must be met
    • Any performance metrics specified against provided test datasets should be met
    • Submission should be a service deployed on the SingularityNet platform

Voting for a Solution

  • Foundation will vote to shortlist the submissions
  • Users backing the service request can vote for any submission (not just the shortlisted ones)
  • Only the users who are backing a service request can vote for a submission
  • Validation of the solution will be performed offline.

Claiming tokens for a submission

  • Claims can be made only after the evaluation period and before the expiry date
  • Solution submitter can claim any time before expiry of the request
  • Claims will be calculated based on the votes from backing users
    • In case there are no votes from any backing user, foundation votes are considered
  • Claims will be distributed based on the number of votes either by backing users or by foundation members

Reclaiming Tokens

  • AGI tokens used to back a service request can be reclaimed by the backer after the service request has expired

Closing a Request

  • Only the foundation can close a request.
  • AGI tokens used for backing will be returned to the backers
  • Request status will change to closed