Organization Metadata

Describing your Organization details to the world

Organization Service

The organization metadata is the off-chain description of a SingularityNET service and is, by default, hosted on the SingularityNET IPFS cluster. In order to use a service, the client needs to know:

  • The Organization metadata
  • The Service metadata

There are three ways of providing this metadata to the clients and the daemons:

  • as a simple JSON file
  • as a IPFS hash that points to the JSON metadata
  • as a name of service in the Registry - this can be resolved to an IPFS hash, pointing to the metadata, through the Registry‚Äôs OrgMetadataURI method. Please note that only the Owner of the Organization can modify the metadata

A suspicious client should also check that hash of the metadata corresponds to the IPFS hash, otherwise the client can be attacked if the IPFS client is compromised. Fortunately, the snet-cli does this by default.

groups : Multiple groups can be associated with an organization , one payment type is associated with every

payment_address : Address of the Service provider who would receive the payment

payment_channel_storage_type : Type of storage to manage payments ( For Example ETCD )

endpoints : Storage end points for the clients to connect.

Metadata Overview

"org_name": "snet",
"org_id": "snet", 
"groups": [
    "group_name": "default_group",
    "group_id": "EoFmN3nvaXpf6ew8jJbIPVghE5NXfYupFF7PkRmVyGQ=",
    "payment": {
        "payment_address": "0xd1C9246f6A15A86bae293a3E72F28C57Da6e1dCD",
        "payment_expiration_threshold": 100,
        "payment_channel_storage_type": "etcd",
        "payment_channel_storage_client": {
            "connection_timeout": "100s",
            "request_timeout": "5s",
            "endpoints": [

This metadata file can be directly edited before publishing to IPFS, or manipulated by snet-cli through service subcommands that have the metadata-* prefix.